Good bye!

*sniff* This is it, guys…. this is where I officially stop blogging… It’s been a fun ride, blogging in this community. Just making this post makes me depressed already. 😆 but enough of that! Let’s get to the actual post. :’)

Hellooo! Long time no see, haha. 8^) Sooo.. Summer has started and a week ago, me and my family went to my grandma’s house in the province for about 3 days so that means I had a looooot of time to fix my town. I promised I’d make it before April 9 so YES!!! I did it! I finished my town… kinda. I had to give up some PWPs because I have no patience fo dat. 😆 Overall, the town is rushed on some parts and there’s of course, mistakes. 😦 but the general idea is there! I’ll leave you guys to figure out what that is! hehe. xD Okayyyy now… May I present youuu: Delltune! 😀

But.. wait! What’s this?




Haha! I was actually surprised this time because I forgot Lee’s birthday. 😆 I just loaded him up and suddenly this! :’) This feels somewhat special since this is kind of my last day that I’m ever going to use Lee. lol




Fwoosh! :mrgreen:






Happy Birthday, Lee!!

This is one really nice surprise! I’ll really remember it fondly, Lopez! Don’t worry. 😉 It feels even more special because I decided this was the day (My in game time was November 20) I’d make my dream address and then suddenly, this! I just wanted to open my game, finish the last few touches for my dream address but nope! There’s an extra surprise!

Haha… I spent more than 10 minutes there talking to the other villagers and had to rewind time back again to get the specific color of the sky I wanted. xD *cough* *cough*

Let’s get back to the post, shall we?
May I present to you…


(P.S. I had to take pictures with my phone because my computer can’t recognize my SD card… :/ )













Phew! Those years (Well, not really years. 😆 ) of hard work have finally paid off! I wanna leave this town to you guys before I kind of leave the AC WordPress Community… I promise I’d be checking out posts of the people I followed. I’ll still be here, I promise! Because I actually decided to do this secret project of mine and I’m using wordpress to do it so I’ll still hang around here! :’) So… shall I make my speech now—

*gets slapped by Kammile from a parallel universe*

“You fool! Did you forget what date it is?!”

What? Uh.. It’s April 9… April 9… APRIL 9!
The day I made this blog and my first post… Oh my GOD.

“You see what you have done?! You’re leaving this blog and not even celebrating the BIRTH of this blog? The FOURTH year of your blog?! You DISGRACE.”

I- I didn’t mean.. I’m sorry! I forgot– Okay, maybe I procrastinated and focused on my other project more than this but–!


I– okay. *sad face*

LMAO. Sorry guys! Like really.. holy shizzlesticks… I promised I’d make one last night, I swear! but… when I opened my sai (the program I use to draw) I thought “Okay! Let’s do this– wait.. what was I supposed to draw again? I must be planning to draw my project not any special occasion or whatnot!” and shiz happened and I wake up with my head slammed on my table, realizing what I have done. Checking my phone, making sure today’s the day and to my demise, it was.

Sadly, I have no serious art with a background and colors and stuff for this year’s anniversary. *cries*

but what I do have is a little comic I did in the past, but I never really got to finish it! I think it’s for my anniversary, in case I procrastinated again. Haha, oh past self. She always knew I’m a lazy butt. Here you go, guys!



la la~! aaaand– done!



Finally! After all those months of procrastinating hardwork!


My town looks about done! Let’s make our dream address and–

Whoa! Isabelle? What’s wrong?


There are relatives who arrived?

N-no way..




Ah… huh?



Vee: If you don’t mind me askin… W-who are you…?

Kammile: I’m your …cousin? Remember me? Kammile? Wild World? Ring a bell?

Vee: Uhm…

???: Kammile!! I told you to wait for me!


Serene: Oh dear… I’m sorry if my sister has offended you while I was gone! She can be a bit *cough* annoying, sometimes.. *cough* *cough*


Kammile: WAIT WHAT?! OH MY GAWD. I am NOT annoying!

Yes, you are–!

No, I’m not!!


???: Uhm… guys?


???: Sorry, I’m late guys… What are you two doing? Did I miss the party? I kinda… overslept. Haha…

Vee: P-Pii?!

Pii: Vee?! Awwww… no way!! Is that you? Holy fishsticks! It’s been forever! You’ve been in this town all along? We just randomly decided to party in this town.. haha… What a great coincidence!

Vee: Yeah.. I kinda… forgot how to go back…

Pii: Whaaaaaaatt?? Are you kidding me?


Pii: Belltune and Delltune are NEXT to each other!!

Vee: W-what..?! Whoa.. I could’ve gone back home all this time…

P: Heck yeah! So.. are you going home now?

V: … Pii.. As much as I love Belltune, I’m not going back.

P: What? Why not? Everyone misses you, man!

V: I miss you all too… but I’ve grown attached to this town and it’s villagers. I have a duty to fulfill too, I can’t just abandon all of that… I’m glad you’re here …with my cousins that I didn’t even knew about until now…
You can finally take a look at your little sister’s town! Ta-dah!!


V: Whoa..Pii…are you crying?

P: I’m sorry.. It’s just that. It seems like yesterday, you were my little sister and now, you’re a mayor to this town! *sobs*

V: What? Pii… I may be a mayor now but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re still my big sister! I missed you a lot, sis!

P: M-me too! Now… come here!!

V: huh?

P: Let’s take a picture! It’s our reunion, after all! Cheeeeseee!!

V: Wait— no! I hate taking pictures– ack!


The End.


*cries a river*

Wow… I can’t believe this is it, guys. 4 years in a row! Ha! I can’t believe it. Along the way, I’ve met a bunch of crossers! Some left, some stayed. I honestly can’t believe I’d be the ones who are “leaving”… ha. :’) As I promise, I’ll check time to time. I have no speech or anything to say at all other than… I LOVE YOU ALL! You guys are the first internet friends I had and my time here in the AC WordPress Blogging community are so far, the best years ever! As I said on my past speeches, blogging here gave me so much confidence. Words can’t explain how grateful I am to blog, wi-fi and just have fun with such great people. :’) I’ll never forget this experience.

Without further ado, I will now formally say…

Good bye, my friends!


Wait for it—

Seriously. Wait for it. :’D

I said I’ll make my final post by the end of November but I have failed miserably.. 😳 I’m still stuck in November.. D: Hoping I’d get all the PWP and flowers I need to finish my town by the time I catch up to November 20-ish. >.< I’m taking really long because villagers are just so stubborn to request PWPs. I only need PWPs from uchi villagers and guess what? I only have ONE. ONE OUT OF 10 VILLAGERS… ack and I don’t wanna push her to the beach so she can request… I don’t want her to get angry and say “Stop pushing me!” …T__T hahaha…..

Anyway, for now, I’m going to postpone my “final” post. I’m not gonna say when though, I wanna surprise everyone! (Are you guys even waiting for that to happen lmao) aaand..also because I can’t keep my promises. When I say i’m going to do this “thing” at a certain date… I am 99.9% sure I won’t. haha.

I have so much to do right now for school.. but idk if you heard it but Pope Francis is going to Philippines and we have 3 days off + weekends! So we have like 5 days of vacation! If we don’t do anything school-related during our vacation I might try and play animal crossing during those days and try to catch up as soon as possible! For now, we gotta be patient. 😛

I hope you have a nice day guys! I also have a report tomorrow. I’m kinda nervous so wish me luck!


HEyyyycoughcough sorry for not posting anything lately T__T I’m really sorry.. I’ve been thinking about quitting on posting blog entries.. ;__; I still really actively play AC:NL. There are certain weeks that I don’t play it at all because well.. exams. xP

As much as I still want this blog to still go on, I can’t keep up. xD I’m losing the motivation… I don’t find it just as fun like the old days anymore.. I will still comment and check out other AC WordPress Bloggers’ posts here. ^__^


I did…

a thing.


Remember my past AC:WW character?

:’) Good ol’ AC memories…

Losing my DSi along with my AC:WW game card..

I decided to make “Kammile”, my past AC:WW character, reborn!



Yeahhhh xD I’ll be dressed like this for only a few days then I’ll revert back to being Vee. xD Don’t worry, this won’t be my last post. I’m still going to post about my dream update! Then after that, my job here is done. xP I’m working on my town and hopefully have it up by late November. >.< (I hope!)

Thank you for all the feedback I got from my posts, all of your support, my AC friends and for the great memories! For once, I’m not going to make a long emotional speech. lol. Like I said earlier in this post, I still actively play AC:NL.. So if you ever miss me(?), We can wi-fi or something. xD Again, thank you. Thank you all so much. This blog means a lot to me and I won’t forget it. 🙂

byeeeeeeeeee see you guys in a next month when I post about my dream address.. xD